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Good Ole Honesty

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There’s 1 trillion websites competing against each other. The most honest website of all? Google. Google can’t help you with your problems. If you suspect you might have herpes after a particularly courageous night out on the town, going to Google will not help you (although you may feel a vague feeling of remorse when you see the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button).

Google has no content on it at all. But Google is honest about that. You just walked into their store and said, “Please, help me – do you have anything to prevent a potential outbreak of herpes” and Google will say, quite honestly, “i’m sorry, I can’t help you, but here are ten of my competitors who can potentially help you. And, by the way, here are three more of my competitors who MIGHT be able to help you but, in full disclosure, they are paying me to tell you this.” And then Google shrugs its shoulders. That’s all they can do for you.

But that’s honesty. That’s not branding. So you’ll come back to them…

– from 7 Things Happen to You When You Are Completely Honest

Written by Cory Barbot

November 18, 2011 at 9:52 pm

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Facebook vs Google Hyperbole

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Although Larry Page, Google’s co-founder and its CEO since April, was born just 11 years before Mark Zuckerberg, his counterpart at Facebook, the two belong to different Internet generations with different worldviews. In Page’s web, everything starts with a search. You search for news or for a pair of shoes or to keep up with your favorite celebrity. If you want to learn about a medical condition or decide which television to buy, you search. In that world, Google’s algorithms, honed over more than a decade, respond almost perfectly. But in recent years the web has tilted gradually, and perhaps inexorably, toward Zuckerberg’s world. There, rather than search for a news article, you wait for your friends to tell you what to read. They tell you what movies they enjoyed, what brands they like, and where to eat sushi.

from CNN

I read that much of the article and stopped.

Then scrolled to the bottom of the page to see this graphic:

My response:

  • This article is hyperbole (TMZ)
  • How about both sites can co-exist peacefully?
  • Each site serves its own purpose: Google = search and Facebook = social
  • I don’t go to Google to “hang out” – I go to find an answer (quickly…as in 0.18 seconds)
  • I go to Facebook to go on a random walk; to peruse pictures; to stalk stewardesses (not really); to find answers not-quickly
  • I actively search for answers (Google) and also passively search for answers (Facebook) – they’re not mutually exclusive

Written by Cory Barbot

November 8, 2011 at 10:03 pm


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